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My name is Leo Viale, I’m an Environment / Lighting Artist with also a strong Technical Artist background. I was introduced to the 3d world around 1997 and from that day forward I couldn’t stay away it.
I studied many careers that gave me a solid background in many disciplines that I’ve been applying in my line of work ever since, working in many studios until in 2012 I decided to move to Vancouver and continued my career there.
I’m always seeking for new challenges, eager to learn new things and always motivated to achieve the best results.

My experience and expertise:

14 years of professional experience
Great knowledge in Video Game workflows, both technical and artistic
Great experience in film pipelines and workflows, both technical and artistic
Great experience with hi-res and low-res modeling
Great experience with lighting, texturing and shading
Great team player, very experienced as a team leader
Strong Architecture and Graphic Design background
Exceptional problem solving skills
Great balance between artistic and technical skills
Great critical and artistic eye
Great planning and organizational skills
Great emotional intelligence
Process improvement expertise

Hobbies and likes:

Video Games
Graphic Design
Airsoft / Paintball
Martial Arts